What is Fiber?

Fiber optic based internet services provide faster, more reliable alternatives to traditional copper wire and coax cable internet connections. Fiber optic wiring provides access to superior high-speed internet connections for businesses dependent on high-bandwidth internet to complete their daily activities. Fiber optic technology has several differentiating factors that distinguish it from cable Internet:

Speed: Dedicated fiber lines are able to transmit data at speeds that are up to 100 times faster than cable service. The bandwidth achieved through fiber optic cables can reach up to 1 GB of upload and download speeds. (Please note that the speed of dedicated fiber service depends on the pricing of the plan you sign up for.)

Reliability: Dedicated fiber optic service provides consistently high-speed internet that does not vary or slow down during times of peak internet usage.

Resiliency: Fiber optic lines are made of glass strands that are more resilient to degradation over time and are unaffected by interference from other wires and radio signals.

Upgraded Infrastructure: Fiber optic cable is becoming increasingly prominent in New York City and the network will continue to grow in the future. Participation in the ConnectNYC program will upgrade your building’s infrastructure with cutting edge technology as it increasingly becomes the industry standard.

Does your business need Fiber?

Can your business benefit from fiber technology? Below is a list of business needs associated with internet connectivity and the required broadband technology for various types of internet usage:

Download Speed


Minimum Broadband Technology

768K – 1.5 Mbps

Basic E-Mail, Web Browsing, VOIP- i.e. Vonage

Cable & DSL

1.5Mbps – 3 Mbps

Streaming Music, Standard Definition Video (SD), Remote Surveillance, Telecommuting

Cable & DSL

3 Mbps – 6 Mbps

File Sharing (Small/Med Files), IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)

Cable & DSL

6 Mbps – 10 Mbps

Online Gaming, Video on Demand (i.e. Netflix)

Cable & DSL

10 Mbps – 25Mbps

Telemedicine, Remote Education, IPTV High Definition (HD)


25 Mbps – 50 Mbps

HD Video Surveillance


50 Mbps – 100 Mbps

Video Conferencing (Multiple users), Remote Supercomputing


> 100Mbps

Real-Time Data Collection, Real-Time Medical Image Consultation


Not sure if fiber technology is right for your business? Call for a free pre-application consultation.

Sure, we all want faster internet, but is an investment in fiber technology the best use of your technology dollars? While every organization has different technology needs, the monthly costs of fiber are significantly higher than other internet services available. To see a return on that investment, you’ll want to ensure the benefits to your business will be significant. A senior IT consultant at Streeter Technologies can help you assess your overall technology strategy and determine if fiber is a good fit for you. Click here to book your complimentary 30-minute consultation or call (212) 529-3298 for more information.

What is provided through the NYC Fiber Access Program?

ConnectNYC provides free construction and installation of dedicated fiber wiring directly to your office space. Participating companies must sign a minimum of a one-year contract for fiber service at market rates with one of our participating Internet Service Providers to receive free construction. The program covers the cost of construction only. Applicants are responsible for monthly service fees at negotiated market rates.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until December 12. Submit early!

How much does Fiber service cost?

The pricing of contracts for dedicated fiber service depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to, the level of bandwidth required for your business needs and the length of your service contract. Quotes for dedicated fiber service frequently exceed $1,000 per month depending on the level of service required and the length of the contract period. Please visit the Participating Providers page for more information about the services each ISP offers and the associated cost of service.

Please note that the ConnectNYC program covers the cost of fiber installation and construction, which can run in the tens of thousands of dollars, but does not subsidize the monthly service fees associated with dedicated fiber lines. Companies are responsible for negotiating a contract with a participating ISP and paying for the monthly service. NYCEDC and ChallengePost do not have any oversight of the negotiation process.

Industrial Business Zones

The ConnectNYC Fiber Access program is allocating up to 25% of funding to organizations that are located in an Industrial Business Zone (IBZ). Click here for more information on the specific boundaries of each IBZ. For more information about the ConnectNYC competition, please contact your IBZ’s Service Provider.

Fiber Availability Map

Wondering what parts of the city have business-only fiber already built out? The orange areas on the map below show the areas of availability as of June 30, 2012.

Landlord Resources: Point of Entry Agreement

Participating ISPs will need access to the building to install fiber and maintain equipment needed to provide fiber internet service. You are not required to submit a signed Point of Entry Agreement with your application to be eligible for the ConnectNYC Fiber Access program. However, your landlord will need to sign a Point of Entry agreement prior to your service contract being signed so we are requiring that you discuss this with them prior to submitting your application. Remember, you must sign a service contract for at least one year with a participating ISP in order to qualify for a free fiber build-out, and you can’t do that without a signed Point of Entry agreement.

How the ConnectNYC Fiber Access program is good for landlords

Fiber wiring is not only great for businesses, but for landlords as well. With an expandable infrastructure, fiber can be extended to other units. This opens up the potential for:

  • higher tenant satisfaction, referrals, and retention rates, and
  • higher rental rates,
  • future-proofed property opening up access to a new tenant market.


More Questions?

If you have questions about the NYCFiber Access program, email Support@ChallengePost.com.